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The food culture of a city can tell you a lot about the people of that city.  The same stands for the type of food a person cooks. My food is a blend of Creole influences and Tex-Mex. I'm a NOLA girl, born & raised but I spent a huge part of my life in the Dallas area. I grew to have a major affinity towards Tex-Mex cuisine but my New Orleans food roots were still planted deeply within. I'm back in my hometown of NOLA cooking and eating up a storm and I hope you enjoy some of the treats I have enjoyed preparing for my family and maybe you'll even try some for yourself.

Foodie Evolution

I, like most, grew up as an omnivore. Throughout the years I attempted to be vegetarian and failed miserably.  It wasn't until I developed a meat aversion during pregnancy that I truly began exploring meat-free dishes.  That lead to further exploration of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and the health benefits associated with both.  I also learned that cheese and dairy are huge contributors to inflammation and acne! That was all I needed to know. Once I gave up the cheese, my face was so much more clear. Through much research, my culinary point of view  has grown tremendously and I've become a more versatile chef. I love taking traditional meat dishes, and "veganising"  them. Now while I love vegan, I do live in New Orleans, home of some of the freshest gulf seafood in the country. Thus, the birth of my personal dietary category, PescaVegan!

The PescaVegan

PescaVegan? What? Yes, I consider myself a PescaVegan. Now before you blow up my inbox, hear me out.  :-) These days everyone is super uptight on labels and that's fine. I however have my own. My diet consist of a majority of vegetables and legumes, no eggs or dairy and occasional seafood. Hey, I love gumbo and i'm sorry but until someone gives me a suitable vegan gumbo or "shrimp" po-boy, then such is life :-)  


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