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The food culture of a city can tell you a lot about the people of that city.  The same stands for the type of food a person cooks. My food is a blend of Creole influences and Tex-Mex. I'm a NOLA girl, born & raised but I spent a huge chunk of my life in the Dallas area. I grew to have a major affinity towards Tex-Mex but my New Orleans food roots were still planted within. I'm back in my hometown of NOLA cooking and eating up a storm and I hope you enjoy some of the treats I have enjoyed preparing for my family and maybe you'll even try some of them yourself.

Foodie Evolution

I, like most, grew up as an omnivore. Throughout the years I've attempted to be vegetarian and failed miserably.  It wasn't until I developed a meat aversion during pregnancy that I truly began exploring meat-free dishes.  That lead to further exploration of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and the health benefits associated with both.  I also learned that cheese and dairy are huge contributors to inflammation and acne! That was all I needed to know. Once I gave up the cheese, my face was so much clearer. Through my exploration, my cooking imagination has truly grown and I've become a better more creative chef. It's not to say I don't have occasional cravings, but having a bag of chopped salad on hand has helped tremendously.  Let's not forget, I live in New Orleans, home of some of the freshest gulf seafood. Thus, the birth of my personal dietary category, PescaVegan!

The PescaVegan

PescaVegan? What? Yes, I consider myself a PescaVegan. Now before you blow up my inbox, hear me out.  :-) These days everyone is super uptight on labels and that's fine. I however have my own. My diet consist of a majority of vegetables and legumes, no eggs or dairy and occasional seafood. Hey, I love gumbo and i'm sorry but until someone gives me a suitable vegan gumbo or "shrimp" po-boy, then such is life :-)  Oh, and If someone has a killer queso that's a must try, then I'll just have to pay the dermatologist a visit lol! 

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